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Meet Tiffany

Hi I am Tiffany but everyone calls me Tiff!

I have worked at Little Luxuries Health and Beauty since July 2007 when I started as an apprentice and worked my way up to now being an experienced therapist and training co-ordinator. I love everything about the beauty world and spend a lot of my spare time searching the internet for new tips, tricks and the latest trends to benefit my lovely clients.

I have always enjoyed both the cosmetic and spa side of my job but in the last couple of years my passion for the cosmetic side has really grown from lashes and brows to makeovers if it’s glamorous I will love it! My passion in the spa aspect of beauty is facials! The Biotec and Crystal Clear in particular I find are my favourites as I think touch and technology are the perfect combination a for great skin! Hope to see you in the salon soon for perfect makeover xx

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