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About Us

Little Luxuries offers a unique environment where we invite you for a time of relaxation and revitalisation.

Our team of fully qualified beauty therapists have over twenty years experience and offer professional advice for total care of the skin and body. Together with our expertise and the use of high quality, premium brands, our clients will receive optimum benefits.

Types of Treatment.

Facials (Facial Treatments) not only improve the skin’s tone and elasticity but some experts also believe they can improve your moods!  Each of our facials draws upon a simple routine to promote healthy skin for your individual skin type.

Body treatments are essentially a “facial” for your whole body. It is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin of your face.

We also offer tanning and a wide variety of treatments to help improve skin condition.

“Escape From Life”

Escape from your normal life and arrange a few treatments that you’ve always wanted to experience.

Enjoy indulging yourself and take pleasure in the attentiveness of our trained therapists.

All of Little Luxuries beauty treatments leave you not just cleansed, but soft, silky and feeling totally relaxed.

Check out the treatments that we offer here at Little Luxuries