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Meet Sadé

Hiya, my name is Sadé

I may have the name of an 80s singer but I defo can’t sing. I’ve worked for Marie at Little Luxuries since 2008. I’m a mum of two beautiful boys. Being a Pisces the typical traits are true, I’m very creative, caring, intuitive, sympathetic & discreet so being a level 3 qualified beauty therapist suits me to a tea. I love the whole experience of having a beauty treatment & I will try my best to give you the experience you deserve. I love working with all the top brands and whether it’s from waxing to facials & massage or makeup I like to get results, boosting people’s sense of wellbeing & confidence, easing away built up tension through spa like treatments or cosmetic. I like for people to feel relaxed and comforted. I always say there we’re not just beauticians but we also help people by talking, laughing, sharing stories and experiences xoxo

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